I guess I should start at the beginning, or do I mean begin at the start?

I love sex. I love women. I know, if you’re a guy you do too. Right? Well, just like most people with an addictive personality, I take it several steps further!

Take the average obese person. Not all of them but the average one. They probably like food. They probably like to consume it. And they probably don’t like exercise!

Well, I’m like that only with women. You see, I love women, they are my food. I love sex, it’s my consumption. And I don’t like relationships, they are my exercise!

If you follow this blog for long enough you’ll notice I constantly compare sex with food. I am someone who doesn’t like to be pinned down to one dish at a restaurant, like to go to a buffet so I can choose. Chop and change as my mood takes me.

Even eating the finest fillet steak every night becomes boring after a while.

But don’t think I am an egotistical misogynist, because I’m not! I respect and admire women. I believe every woman is beautiful in their own way and I am a feminist in my own way.

No, women are not only good for one thing. I just don’t need a woman for anything else. Compare that to what I think of guys because I don’t need them for anything at all!

Yes, I am a loner. I have friends of both genders but I am comfortable in my own company.

I am not here to boast, brag or make out that I am smart because I’m not.

Being me might be fun but it is also a lonely life and not one I choose. A cancer victim doesn’t choose to have cancer and I don’t choose this life.

But then, don’t we all crave that which we do not have?